Shipping Info

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the order is completed, after that, we begin preparing your order immediately. Please know that we are concerned as well and want me to make sure that you are satisfied with you order and get it as soon as possible.

It normally takes 3-5 days to print, and 5-7 days to ship per order.

Time Delivery


Standard(UPS): usually arrives in 7-12 business days


Standard (UPS): usually arrives 14-16 business days

Shipping cost


$4.99 for per item

$3.5 for next item

Hoodies & Sweat Shirts:

$6.99 for per item

$3.5 for next item

Please note prices may changes depending on products that are ordered! (tshirt, hoodies, sweaters, etc)

“Business days” are considered to be Monday through Friday, not including holidays or scheduled service interruptions. Please check with your local postal service for all other regional restrictions and observed holidays that may delay receipt of your shipment.

If you have problems with shipping please contact us.

Our contact email is [email protected]